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Play has become increasingly recognized as an important component of a successful workplace. Many companies, including Google, understand the importance of making time for fun activities for their employees, since novel and creative work environments are proven to boost employee performance. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment can help your company create a working environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and satisfaction.

R.A.T.E. offers exceptional professional development play sessions and workshops designed to create a culture of success through experiential learning opportunities. Our workshops present comprehensive techniques that utilize proven practices for strengthening communication skills, uniting teams, and developing impactful, pragmatic processes and tools.

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Rent-A-Theme Entertainment offers Corporate Play Experience Packages for companies looking to make an investment in their employees. Our packages include complete set-up and clean-up services, complimentary event consultation for up to two hours, and free delivery and pick-up for companies within twenty-five miles of R.A.T.E.

As an added bonus, Rent-A-Theme Entertainment will donate the gift of play to an underfunded school in your organization’s name, helping you to give back to your community!

We currently offer the following packages for corporate organizations:

  • Three Play Experiences: Includes three play experiences to be used within a year of purchase
  • Six Play Experiences: Includes six play experiences to be used within a year of purchase, one session with an on-site play strategist, and one Gift of Play package donated
  • Twelve Play Experiences: Includes twelve play experiences to be used within a year of purchase, two sessions with an on-site play strategist, two play experience add-ons, and two Gift of Play donations


  • Strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Boost morale and motivation
  • Promote open, positive communication across the company
  • Greater team effectiveness and efficiency
  • Encourage collaboration within and between teams

If you have any questions about our theme kits, or if you would like to learn more about Rent-A-Theme Entertainment, we invite you to call (303)-339-0001 to speak with our play experts directly.

Why should companies incorporate play in the workplace?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “all work and no play…” used as a warning against overworking, then you are probably already aware that taking breaks is essential for maintaining productivity. Introducing Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experiences to your company provides an outlet for fun, rejuvenating your employees! By engaging your employees in activities that encourage team-building and critical thinking, you can expect to see improved collaboration and communication between teams.

How can I incorporate R.A.T.E. play experiences in my company’s culture?

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment’s play experiences can add fun, engaging activities to a variety of events. Since our play experiences are appropriate for all ages, you can utilize them during any occasion, including company retreats, team building exercises, family nights, and more! Want more inspiration? Our play experts are more than happy to help you incorporate a R.A.T.E. play experience into your company’s events. Just call us at (303)-339-0001 to learn more!

Which play experiences do you recommend for my Denver, Colorado area Company?

The specific play experience you choose to utilize for your workplace will depend on your goals, the number of participants, and your personal preferences. You really can’t go wrong, since all of our play experiences encourage socialization and engagement! Block Party, Blue Adventures, and Team Spirit are all great when it comes to encouraging team building through creative problem solving. Around the World, Mega Moves, Golf N Games, and Under the Big Top are excellent for large groups, making them the perfect addition to an open house or family night event! For a more personalized recommendation, contact our play experts at (303)-339-0001.

How can I make team building more fun?

The key to successful team building is making it enjoyable for your employees! Rent-A-Theme Entertainment makes it easy to introduce fun team building activities to your workplace. Our play experiences provide engaging, mentally stimulating, and just plain fun activities that encourage creative problem solving and strengthen camaraderie across and between teams.

What makes a good team building event?

The biggest challenge of creating an effective team building event is bringing people from different backgrounds together. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment’s play experiences are inherently inclusive with regards to age, ethnicity, culture, and ability, making them the perfect activity to bring everyone together as a team! R.A.T.E. play experiences give your employees the opportunity to dig into a fun activity and share experiences with people that they might not get the chance to mingle with otherwise, resulting in stronger relationships across your Denver area company.

What is the hardest part of planning corporate events?

Many companies in the Denver, Colorado area express budgeting as the most challenging aspect of planning corporate events. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment takes the stress out of event planning, since our upfront pricing makes staying within your budget a breeze! We also take care of delivering and setting up your play experience, so all you have to worry about is choosing the right play experience for your event and determining where it will be set up! Contact R.A.T.E. today to learn more about how we can simplify your event planning process.

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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