There’s nothing more inviting than a strong sense of community! One of the best ways to increase satisfaction within your Denver area living community is by creating a fun, relaxed environment where residents feel appreciated. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment provides the perfect solution for bringing your Denver area living community together! Each of our play experiences features activities that encourage teamwork, creativity, and strong community bonds. Bringing everyone involved in your living community together through play can improve overall satisfaction with your community, which can help to attract new residents to your living community. Some of the other benefits of hosting a community event with R.A.T.E. are:

  • Create a strong sense of community and security
  • Attract potential new residents with a welcoming, vibrant community
  • Increase overall satisfaction with the living community, resulting in an increase in resident retention

All of R.A.T.E.’s play experiences are inclusive, so they’re sure to be a hit with everyone in your living community! Our play experiences are appropriate for ages 3 and up, making them the perfect activity for families to partake in. All of our play experiences are inclusive for anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of gender, culture, race, or ability, making it easy to bring people of different backgrounds together.

Yellow Rook Chess Piece

not all entertainment is created equal. PLAY BIG!


Organizing a successful event for your living community takes a lot of time and careful planning, especially if you are managing everything by yourself. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment takes care of most aspects of planning an event for your living community. Each of our play experiences includes everything you’ll need to provide hours of fun for the residents of your living community! You’ll receive complimentary delivery and set-up for your selected play experience, easing a lot of the stress that comes with putting on an event for your Denver area living community. Additionally, our upfront pricing makes staying within your event budget easy.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how play can benefit your living community, contact the Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experts by calling (303)-339-0001.

Why should I plan events for my Denver area living community’s residents?

Planning and hosting fun events for your Denver, Colorado area living community is a wonderful way to connect with your residents. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment makes planning events for your living community a breeze! In addition to transforming your environment, hosting an event filled with fun activities shows appreciation for every member of the living community, and can also improve overall satisfaction with the living community, helping you to retain current residents or attract new ones.

What are some ideas for a Denver area living community event?

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment has several play experiences that would make for excellent events for your Denver area living community. Host a film screening, complete with popcorn and a big screen, with Now Showing! Or, set up a variety of giant-sized board games for the community to enjoy with our Mega Moves play experience! No matter which play experience you choose for your Denver area living community, you can ensure that the activity will appeal to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or background.

How do you engage a local Denver, Colorado area living community in an event?

If your goal is to create a sense of community and increase satisfaction with your living community, then an interactive play experience from R.A.T.E. is a great way to accomplish exactly that! Each of our play experiences allow the members of your Denver area living community to engage with the activity and with their fellow residents, creating a sense of belonging. Several of R.A.T.E.’s theme kits incorporate creative problem solving, and nothing strengthens community relationships like working together to solve a fun problem!

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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