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Move over bingo, trivia, and tabletop games—Rent-A-Theme Entertainment brings  mini-golf, giant-sized versions of classic board games, and more to your Denver area senior living community to inspire a zest for life in people of all ages! Engaging in fun, enriching activities helps to ward off boredom and alleviate mental health concerns that are prevalent in seniors. Through play, R.A.T.E. helps to cultivate authentic connections among residents, building a sense of belonging that can lead to overall improved wellbeing. Creative and playful activities have been shown to:

  • Increase social interaction and promote engagement 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Create a sense of connection and belonging

In addition to keeping your senior community residents’ minds active, R.A.T.E.’s  immersive play experiences incorporate low levels of physical activity, which can dramatically improve the quality of life for seniors. Research confirms that engaging in playful activities like the ones R.A.T.E. provides may lower the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Are you ready to offer your residents more enjoyment, laughter, and fun? Rent-A-Theme Entertainment is here to provide the perfect opportunity for them to engage in the joy of play!

Yellow Rook Chess Piece

not all entertainment is created equal. PLAY BIG!


Each of Rent-A-Theme Entertainment’s immersive play experiences are designed with inclusive play and learning in mind. Our play experiences have the potential to fully transform your senior living community! Some play experiences, like Mega Moves, stimulate the mind as well as exercise the body, all without being too strenuous. Several others are accessible for those with reduced mobility and can be easily adapted into wheel-chair accessible or seated activities, such as Now Showing and Golf N Games.

R.A.T.E.’s play experiences allow you to customize your ideal enrichment event for your senior community’s unique needs. Our team of experienced play experts can create a customized play experience that is sure to boost moods, enhance cognitive function, and foster social connections!  For example, spending time outside in nature can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, which is why many of our play experiences can be adapted for either indoor or outdoor purposes! Call Rent-A-Theme Entertainment at (303)-339-0001 to speak with one of our play experts, and to learn more about how R.A.T.E. can benefit the residents of your Denver, Colorado area senior community!

How do you plan activities for Denver area senior communities?

Planning an event for your Denver area senior community residents can be a stressful experience, from determining what activities to include to purchasing everything you need. That’s where Rent-A-Theme Entertainment comes in! R.A.T.E.’s play experiences make planning activities a breeze, since each play experience includes everything you need to provide hours of creative fun. Contact R.A.T.E.’s play experts at (303)-339-0001 to learn more, or to schedule your play experience today!

Why are creative activities important for seniors?

Creative activities are beneficial for people of all ages, since they encourage us to use our imaginations and think creatively. All of R.A.T.E.’s play experiences incorporate elements that promote learning and creativity, helping to exercise the minds of your senior community’s residents. As an added bonus, the sense of achievement that comes from participating in creative activities can boost their self-esteem! To learn more about why creative play is important for all ages, contact R.A.T.E.’s play experts at (303)-339-0001.

Are Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experiences appropriate for seniors?

Our play experiences are appropriate for ages three and up, so anyone and everyone can get in on the fun! The vast majority of Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experiences involve a low level of physical activity or can be adapted to be made more accessible to those with limited or reduced mobility. Additionally, engaging with the fresh and mentally stimulating play experiences that R.A.T.E. provides are perfect for keeping minds sharp. Call Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today to learn more about how our play experiences are beneficial for senior community residents!

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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