The Golf N Games play experience is versatile in its design and can be set up and ready to play virtually anywhere! This unique play experience includes a portable mini golf course that is totally customizable to your space as well as other game options including miniature table tennis, box hockey games, and more!


  • Customizable portable mini golf – with up to nine holes
  • Putters
  • Balls


  • Fall Fun
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Tropical Oasis
  • Winter Wonderland

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“I have been using rent a theme for several summers at different locations and they are always amazing!” – Jessica (Parker, CO)

not all entertainment is created equal.



The Golf N Games play experience is the perfect way to introduce the benefits of “play” into your Denver and surrounding area workplace, school, or community. When you book a Golf N Games play experience, be prepared to have a great time with a portable, customizable mini golf course set up just where you want it. Some of the benefits of utilizing Golf N Games for your Denver area event include:

Increase Productivity

Integrating play into your workplace or organizational culture offers numerous benefits for both individuals and the broader community. Activities like mini golf, table tennis, and box hockey foster camaraderie and friendly competition, which translate seamlessly into everyday skill development. When you book a Golf N Games play experience for your event, participants will not only enjoy themselves but also experience improved information retention and enhanced performance in their daily tasks.

Lower Stress

Play has many great rewards, one being it can play a significant role in reducing stress levels. When you arrange a Golf N Games play experience through R.A.T.E., you can anticipate participants thoroughly enjoying themselves while simultaneously reducing stress. Extensive research reveals that individuals with lower stress levels exhibit enhanced focus, productivity, and success in their work and personal endeavors.

Build Motivation

R.A.T.E.’s unique play experiences help build motivation and engagement for those who participate and will even improve their focus when it comes to work or schoolwork. By allowing your participants a chance to have fun, relax, and recharge, you can expect to see a significantly more motivated group in return. Additionally, allowing individuals their daily dose of play should also help to keep them more focused as well.

Build Community

Studies show that having a sense of community positively impacts overall performance in many facets of life, including at work and school. When you utilize the Golf N Games play experience for your group, you are creating a sense of community that will carry over into everyday life. This will help establish continuous collaborative efforts between participants.

Research Backed

There are countless studies and research to back how play produces innovative thinking and creativity, builds social and emotional skills, reinforces language and literacy skills, promotes cognitive processing, and so much more. In a Brigham Young University study, it was concluded that just 45 minutes of collaborative play can increase productivity by 20%! Find out for yourself and book your Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make mini golf more fun?

You can make mini golf more fun by booking a Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment in the Denver, Colorado area! Our unique mini golf experience is totally customizable to your unique space and even comes with bonus games including box hockey and table tennis! If you’re looking to make your event, business, or classroom more fun with mini golf, call the play experts at Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today and schedule a Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience.

How do you play mini golf with multiple people?

You can play mini golf with multiple people when you book a Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment. Our mini golf course comes in separate pieces that are customizable to your unique space so that multiple people can play holes at the same time! Additionally, R.A.T.E. also provides mini box hockey and table tennis games when you book a Golf N Games play experience as well, so there is enough room for everyone to play! Call us today at [DealerPhone] to learn more about our Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience and bring the fun to your event, school, or business today!

How does mini putt work?

Mini putt and mini golf typically work by having 18 holes that are numbered. Players use their putters to the golf ball from the tee area and straight into the hole. When you book a Golf N Games Mobile Mini Golf play experience from Rent-A-Theme Entertainment, you can certainly play the way the game is traditionally played, or you can play whatever way you want! The choice is yours, all you need to do is have fun to experience the benefits of “play.” Book your own mini putt and mini golf play package near Denver, Colorado with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment!

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