The Block Party brings Giant Lego’s to you and your event! When you book a Block Party play experience you will receive 1200+ Giant Sized Lego ® blocks (or 1920 blocks with the Deluxe Block Party Play Experience), building plans, and more to create a memorable experience filled with fun & creativty


not all entertainment is created equal.



The Block Party Life Sized Lego ® Play Experience is a fun and interactive way to challenge your imagination, build leadership skills, and expand your team-building efforts! Block Party incorporates mega sized Lego ® blocks and your group’s imagination for hours of exciting fun creating magnificent statues, figures, and designs.

Our Block Party Life Sized Lego® experience stimulates a variety of senses and abilities, including visual, auditory, tactile, balance, and imaginative strategy, promoting a wide-ranging and inclusive atmosphere for participants of all ages and capabilities.

Increase Engagement

“Play” has been proven to increase engagement in both employees and students alike. By integrating play into your environment, your team members or students are more likely to be engaged in and enthusiastic about their everyday work.

Lower Stress

Engaging in play can significantly reduce stress levels which results in increased quality of life. Additionally, when your Denver, Colorado company, school, or other group works together to create figures and statues with these mega Lego ® blocks, this creates an environment of belonging and optimism that will translate into their everyday culture.

Build Community

Studies show that having a sense of community is pivotal in overall happiness levels.  Incorporating play into your Denver, Colorado classroom, office, or other event will positively impact overall work performance and quality of life for participants. When you utilize Block Party Life Sized Legos ®  to bring your group together, you are creating a sense of community that will blend into the normal school or work day. This will also help to establish continuous collaborative efforts between students or employees. Additionally, research shows that when adults, teens, and children feel supported by their peers, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about their work.

Incorporate STEM

For educational facilities – Incorporate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) into your classroom by booking a Block Party play experience for your Denver, Colorado students! According to the National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council, introducing engineering concepts into K-12 education can improve student learning and achievement in science and math. These Life-Sized Lego ® blocks can harness hours of engineering fun for your Denver, Colorado students. Bring the benefits of “play” and STEM into your Colorado classroom by booking a Block Party Life Sized Legos ® play experience with R.A.T.E. today!

Research Backed

There are countless studies and research to back that play produces innovative thinking and creativity, builds social and emotional skills, reinforces language and literacy skills, promotes cognitive processing, and so much more. In a Brigham Young University study, it was concluded that just 45 minutes of collaborative play can increase productivity by 20%! Find out for yourself and book your Block Party Life Sized Lego ®  Play Experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today!

How many people can play using the Block Party Play Experience?

Depending on whether you choose the normal Block Party Play Experience or the Deluxe Block Party Play Experience, it is suggested that up to 45 team members or up to 75 team members should utilize these mega Lego ® blocks at a time. If you would like more information on how many people can play with the Block Party Lego ® blocks, call the play experts at Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today!

What is the primary age intended for the Block Party Life Sized Legos® Play Experience?

The Block Party Play Experience can be played with and enjoyed by all ages! We recommend anyone under the age of three or up to the age of 103 engage in our adored Block Party Life Sized Lego ® Play Experience. Block Party is utilized in schools all over in the Denver, Colorado area for the younger crowd, while adults at companies and corporations also benefit from this creative Play Experience just as well.

Should I prepare my school or company to have Block Party set up indoors or outdoors?

The R.A.T.E. Block Party Play Experience can be set up either inside or outside – whichever you please most! Please note that outside setups of Block Party will incur a higher fee. To learn more about our Block Party Life Sized Lego ® Play Experience pricing, call us today to schedule a consultation!

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