Are you looking to incorporate an exciting addition into your private event near Denver, Colorado? Transform your venue with a Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experience! R.A.T.E. offers a variety of play experiences that can accommodate both large and small groups with ease, ensuring that every guest at your event will have the opportunity to engage in hours of playful fun. Our play experiences are innately inclusive, and are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. Let R.A.T.E. provide your private event or party with a play experience that’s sure to be a hit!

Planning any private event, whether it’s a birthday party, graduation party, wedding, or retirement party, takes a lot of time and effort. R.A.T.E. can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with event planning. Our play experiences save you the hassle of gathering supplies for activities, since each play experience has everything required for hours of fun! A PDF Inspiration Guide will be included with your chosen play experience, which will include suggestions, resources, and ideas for decorations, snacks, and more that you may want to incorporate into your event. What’s more, our experienced play experts will take care of delivering and setting up the play experience, saving you valuable time.

Contact Rent-A-Theme Entertainment with any questions. Call (303)-339-0001 to speak with one of our play experts!

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not all entertainment is created equal. PLAY BIG!

What kinds of private events can benefit from incorporating R.A.T.E. play experiences?

If you’re hosting a private event or party in the Denver, Colorado area, there’s a good chance that a Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experience will make an excellent addition to your plans! Everything from weddings, birthday parties, block parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, and more can benefit from an extra dose of fun with a R.A.T.E. play experience. Each of our play experiences are sure to delight guests of all ages, but if you’d like a recommendation for your specific event or party, or if you have any questions, contact the R.A.T.E. play experts by calling (303)-339-0001.

Why should I utilize a R.A.T.E. play experience for my private event or party?

Planning any event is a time-consuming and stressful process, no matter how organized you are. Choosing to incorporate a R.A.T.E. play experience into your private event or party provides an opportunity for your guests to engage in a fun, novel activity without any added stress on your end. Children and adults alike will be delighted when engaging with any of our play experiences, and it will only add to the enjoyment your guests will experience at your event. Let R.A.T.E. provide you with an easy, fun way to provide your guests with entertainment!

How should I prepare my venue for a R.A.T.E. play experience?

 Make sure the space where your selected Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experience will be set up is clear of any obstacles, so that the set-up process can be as smooth as possible. Additionally, we recommend looking through the provided PDF Inspiration Guide for recommendations for decoration, food, and more to enhance your experience. If you become inspired to incorporate any of these elements into your event or party, be sure to make the necessary preparations prior to your event.

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