Discover the Thrill of Learning with the Science FX Play Experience Without Leaving Your School

Embark on a journey of discovery where playtime becomes a dynamic learning adventure with Denver’s premier Science FX Play Experience! Rent-A-Theme Entertainment brings science & fun to schools, camps, and families across Denver and surrounding locales to enhance their educational offerings. With power of engaging, and a hands-on approach to physics, our interactive program transforms theoretical science into tangible fun.

Delve into the heart of STEM education through a blend of engineering, technology, and imaginative play. Science FX Play Experience is more than just an activity; it’s a catalyst for curiosity, designed to spark a lifelong fascination with science. By integrating play with structured learning, we create memorable experiences that reinforce scientific principles and inspire teamwork and innovation.

The Science FX play experience includes:

  • Over 1000 magnetic gear and four double-sided magnetic walls,
  • Gigantic magnetic marble runs
  • Informative display signage
  • Glowing spinning top arena
  • Illusion Center
Yellow Rook Chess Piece

Not All Entertainment is Created Equal. PLAY BIG!

Ignite Scientific Curiosity in Your Classroom

When you reserve a Science FX Play Experience, your classroom will transform into a vibrant laboratory of imagination and innovation. The package includes an array of magnetic gears, some motorized for dynamic learning, as well as versatile magnetic marble runs featuring various shapes and sizes to challenge and engage young minds.

Additionally, students will revel in the creativity unleashed by a giant spirograph and a spinning top arena, among other stimulating tools.

Build Confidence

Blue Adventures play experience aids in harboring imagination, collaboration, and creativity skills – all of which translate into everyday life. Book a Blue Adventures Imagination Playground ® Building Blocks play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment today and get started on creating your very own fantasy world!

Lower Stress

Engaging in play can significantly reduce stress which results in higher levels of overall happiness as well as improved quality of life. Implementing time during the work or school day to “play” while participants work together to create structures and statues with these multi-shaped and sized blocks will create an incentive to complete more focused work.

Create Community

Studies show that having a sense of community is essential when it comes to overall happiness levels. When you utilize the Blue Adventures Imagination Playground ®  play experience to bring your team together, you are creating a sense of community that will blend into everyday life and help establish continuous collaborative efforts between team members. Additionally, research shows that when people feel supported by their fellow team members, they are more motivated and enthusiastic about their work and life!

Explore Scientific Principles with STEM

For educational bookings – Rent-A-Theme Entertainment is the only program of its kind in the Denver, Colorado area that offers life-sized STEM play experiences. R.A.T.E.’s unique and interactive play experiences are backed by over 30 years of educational and entertainment experience. The Science FX STEM experience allows for hands on physics & student colloboration.

Research Backed

There are countless studies and research to support that play produces innovative thinking and creativity, builds social and emotional skills, reinforces language and literacy skills, promotes cognitive processing, and so much more. In a Brigham Young University study, it was concluded that just 45 minutes of collaborative play can increase productivity by 20%! Find out for yourself and book your Blue Adventures Multi-Sized Building Blocks play

What activities can you do for STEM?

Unlock the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by booking a captivating Science FX play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment! Engage your students in an immersive world of mathematical, engineering, and scientific exploration through play and hands-on learning stations meticulously designed for the Science FX experience.

With Science FX, students can delve into various STEM principles. The gear wall station, for instance, offers a captivating display of energy transformation, while the marble wall and spinning top station allow for firsthand observation of fundamental physics principles such as the conservation of energy and fundamental forces. These interactive learning stations ignite curiosity and provide a platform for students to develop a deeper understanding of STEM concepts through active engagement.

How can I make STEM learning fun?

You can make STEM learning fun by booking a Science FX play experience from Rent-A-Theme Entertainment! This unique play experience contains different fun, hands-on activities and stations that each showcase different STEM principles. Incorporating both “play” and STEM learning into your Denver, Colorado classroom is the perfect way to engage your students. Call the play experts at R.A.T.E. and book your one-of-a-kind Science FX play experience today!

How do you engage kids in STEM?

You can engage kids in STEM by booking a Science FX play experience with Rent-A-Theme Entertainment! Our Science FX play experience includes several different activity stations, each emphasizing different STEM principles. Research shows that “play” improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex, activates the brain’s reward circuitry while reducing stress, and encourages empathy while building community. So, get a two-for-one when you book a Science FX play experience – you can engage your kids in STEM as well as provide them the benefits of play! Call the play experts at R.A.T.E. to learn more today!

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