On-site School Field Trips In Denver

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment presents an on-site field trip experience by providing six important elements!

  • Transform the visual setting dramatically,
  • Deliver a stimulating learning experience by engaging all 7 senses.
  • Foster creativity and open-ended play choices for discovery and exploration.
  • Present intellectual designs that are detailed, comprehensive, and appealing.
  • Allow the opportunity for inclusive participation.
  • Provide a full day of interactive fun!

Rent-A-Theme On-Site Field Trip Facts


Years in Education


Curious Minds Satisfied


Of Life-Changing Play Experiences To Date

Rent-A-Theme Field Trip Experience VS Off-Site Field Trip

Rent-A-Theme Field Trip Experience

Flexibility to add more children without notice or additional charges

Flexibility to change or adjust your schedule

Control of contact with unknown people and objects

Control of what media is viewed and heard

Comfort of a familiar environment – research supports
that optimal learning takes place in this type of setting

No transportation fees / We deliver the fun to your site

No extra staff required

Off-Site Field trip

Additional fees are required to add children to the field trip

Transportation and schedule times for most field trips
are not easily changed

Field trip locations are generally open to the public

No control of media (music heard, or videos are played)
or of the cleanliness of the site.

Increased anxiety and anticipation in an unknown place

Often extra staff is added as a precaution to keep children safe

On-Site Field Trip Experiences Facts

Safety Concerns

Your school, understandably, maintains guidelines to ensure the safety of your children and staff. Moreover, within your school premises, both students and staff are well-versed in emergency procedures. Staff seamlessly enforces policies for managing unfamiliar visitors and follows safety protocols within the familiar and comforting environment of your school. Additionally, all necessary medications and emergency information are readily accessible, and the risk of a child
getting lost is minimized. These reassurances are challenging to replicate in an off-site setting.


The second highlighted reason is the expense. Bringing fun and new experiences to your school is highly cost-effective, eliminating the need for extra supervision and reducing expenses on fuel and transportation.


On-site field trip experiences offer the convenience of changing the activity to meet the needs of yourprogram.