1. Consultation

Share your goals and expectations for your R.A.T.E. play experience with our play experts, and we will provide you with recommendations for a fully tailored experience. Our goal is to craft a customized play experience to meet your specific objectives.

2. Select Your Play Experience

Choose the R.A.T.E. play experience that best suits your needs! At this point, you will select the date(s) for when you would like to book your play experience. You will receive an invoice/rental agreement via email. Payment is due 14 days prior to your scheduled play experience. Additionally, a PDF Inspiration Guide is included with each play experience, which contains suggestions, resources, and ideas to incorporate into your event.

3. R.A.T.E. Delivers Your Play Experience

After scheduling a delivery time, our play experts will deliver your chosen play experience and set it up! On the day of your event, your play experience will be delivered in accordance with your rental agreement. One of our play experts will review the checklist of included materials to verify that everything is present and accounted for. It’s that easy!

4. PLAY!

Have fun with your play experience! When you’ve finished with your play experience, follow the included clean-up instructions to pack up your play experience. Clean-up services are also available as an add-on if you’d rather leave it to the R.A.T.E. play experts. The pick-up time for your play experience will be in accordance with your rental agreement. R.A.T.E. staff will review the checklist with you again to ensure all items have been returned.

not all entertainment is created equal.



Rent-A-Theme Entertainment was founded on the core idea that the act of playing is not only fun, but is also powerful. Play stimulates curiosity, creativity, and imagination, and challenges the mind to invent, collaborate, and problem-solve. At R.A.T.E. we are passionate about these proven benefits of play, and use them to help Denver area businesses, organizations, and individuals generate new levels of success through our one-of-a-kind play experiences. 

By collaborating with experts in the field, we have developed a unique set of play experiences using data and multi-sensory integration that are sure to delight all five senses for a stimulating learning exercise, no matter your age! Our meticulously designed play experiences have over 30 years of educational and entertainment experience integrated into their design, with equipment that is scrutinized and curated for safety, durability, and a big fun factor. We do more than just provide fun equipment—Rent-A-Theme Entertainment fully transforms your location into an immersive play experience by utilizing aromatherapy and mood lighting to create an environment that provokes a sense of wonder.

No matter your organization, R.A.T.E. play experiences can play a major role in boosting morale, alleviating stress, and strengthening community bonds! Our play experiences are designed to be suitable for ages three and up, and accessible to everyone regardless of culture, background, or ability.


What is included with my selected play experience?

Each play experience has its own description page on our website detailing what it includes, however, we often update our inventory to incorporate the most innovative and current equipment. Due to this, our website may not exactly reflect everything that is included in a play experience at a given time.

How many people can R.A.T.E. play experiences comfortably serve?

The number of people who can engage with a play experience at one time will vary depending on the specific play experience. Check individual play experience pages on our website for more information.

Can I use the play experiences outside?

Absolutely! Many of the R.A.T.E. play experiences were initially designed for indoor use, but we can modify most of our play experiences to be set up outdoors, if desired. However, our Science FX play experience can only be used indoors.

How long is the rental time, and can I extend the rental time?

The average rental time for educational facilities is about six to seven hours, unless otherwise negotiated. For companies and other organizations, the average rental time is about four hours. If you’d like to keep the fun going past your scheduled rental time, you are welcome to contact R.A.T.E. to extend the rental time for an additional fee.

What time is delivery and pick-up for play experiences?

Standard drop-off time is between 7:00-10am, while pick-up is between 2:30-6pm. Exact times will be determined in the Rental Agreement.

Do I need to set-up or unpack my play experience?

The Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experts will handle setting up your play experience. You will be responsible for packing up the play experience at the end of the rental period, unless you choose to add on R.A.T.E.’s clean-up services for an additional fee.


How much does it cost to rent a Rent-A-Theme Entertainment play experience?

Due to variances in our play experience pricing, which stems from a number of factors, we ask that you call R.A.T.E. for a quote. Prices are subject to change without notice, which is why contacting the R.A.T.E. play experts at (303) 339-0001 is the best way to find current prices for our play experiences.

How much does additional rental time cost?

An after-hours fee is charged for evening events, and to extend rental time until 10pm. This fee varies depending on the play experience you choose. A late after-hours fee of $75 is charged to extend rental time until midnight (12am). We do not offer overnight rentals, except for play experiences already listed as three day rentals. One notable exception is for after-prom events, in which case we recommend calling (303) 339-0001 for a specific quote. 

Are there mileage fees for long distance delivery?

The standard delivery fee for a R.A.T.E. theme kit is $150. A long distance fee of $75 will be charged for locations more than 25 miles from the Rent-A-Theme Entertainment office in Denver, Colorado. This fee covers round-trip delivery and pick-up. At this time, delivery and pick-up for locations greater than 50 miles from the R.A.T.E. office incurs a fee of $150.

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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