Rent-A-Theme Entertainment offers exceptional team-building sessions and workshops designed to invigorate your Denver area team with results-driven, concrete learning techniques. Our team-building sessions can be used on a regular basis to strengthen your team and boost morale with new, fun play experiences. Each R.A.T.E. team building session provides comprehensive team-building techniques that utilize proven methods to strengthen communication skills and unite teams, creating impactful, pragmatic strategies and tools. Adding our team-building sessions to your organization is an investment that will create more engaged and innovative thinkers, build community, and contribute to the overall well-being and happiness of your team.

R.A.T.E. team-building sessions are:

  • Convenient—Function more productively without spending time on planning and implementing impactful team building sessions.
  • Cost-effective—There’s no need for you to purchase equipment that requires storage, cleaning, and technical maintenance.
  • Inspiring—Collaborative, creative, high-functioning teams accomplish more and develop effective problem-solving skills.
  • And fun!

Each team-building session encompasses resources and information relevant to the Denver Metropolitan area. By utilizing resources within the community, we build stronger networks and collaborative partnerships. This process allows us to tailor workshops to reinforce skills that integrate well with organizational goals for immediate, successful implementation, while also strengthening our local communities. Our team-building sessions include all the resources needed to strengthen communication skills, increase cooperation, and improve productivity. Every team-building session is fun as well as inclusive, welcoming, and multigenerational!

Yellow Rook Chess Piece

not all entertainment is created equal. PLAY BIG!

How do R.A.T.E. play sessions team-build effectively?

The team-building sessions R.A.T.E. offers are uniquely effective because they incorporate the element of play! Don’t underestimate the power of play when it comes to increasing team productivity and unity. Engaging in fun, playful problem-solving activities is proven to improve group bonds and encourages collaboration between team members.

What is included with a R.A.T.E. team-building session?

Each R.A.T.E. team-building session includes all of the equipment required to facilitate a successful workshop. We will deliver and set up your team-building experience, and we’ll provide all the equipment that’s required for hours of purposeful fun with each of our play experiences, the exact contents of which vary depending on your selection. Ask a R.A.T.E. play expert for more information on your unique team-building experience, or for a recommendation!

Who can benefit from a R.A.T.E. team building session?

We proudly offer our team building sessions to all sorts of teams and organizations. Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate your company’s employees or strengthen the relationships between students, a R.A.T.E. team-building session is sure to be a hit!. The R.A.T.E. play experiences included in team-building sessions are appropriate for all industries and all ages, making them uniquely effective when it comes to bringing people from different backgrounds together.

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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