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Our Mission

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment (R.A.T.E.) was founded in 2009 with a passion for encouraging a love for learning through play.

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment strategically crafts immersive play experiences to solve social challenges, generate more optimism, propel innovation, and ignite a joy for learning all while cultivating authentic connections.

We inspire dynamic leaders, innovators, and world-changers full of compassion and a zest for life through the joy of Play Rent-A-Theme is based on the fundamental concept: the act of playing isn’t just fun, it’s profoundly transformative as well. Through play, the full spectrum of human potential comes alive. It sparks curiosity, fuels creativity, and sets imagination free, fostering a drive to invent, collaborate, and conquer challenges. Yet, just as vital, it nurtures the instinct to forge connections within a community. Passionate about these proven benefits of “play,” we developed a unique set of play experiences that build stronger community connections, inspire leaders, and empower teams, thus changing the dynamics of education, living communities. and the workplace through hands-on learning. Envision giant board games, life-size LEGO, portable mini golf and more used strategically to enhance social and emotional intelligence, encourage reliance, and propel innovation. Our dedication to these empirically validated benefits of “play” is unwavering. Through play we are creating stronger, happier, and healthier communities around the world.

We Believe That PLAY Is Transformative

We Believe That Everyone Should Experience The Rewards Of PLAY

We believe in the power of our own unique selves, united with others and working together, to create a better world for all of us.

Yellow Rook Chess Piece

not all entertainment is created equal. PLAY BIG!

Tonya Milligan

Tonya Milligan

Owner & Founder of R.A.T.E.

Hear More From Tonya In Her Book:
“No Perfect Parent Just a Perfect Purpose”

Our Story

I believe children are special blessings, each containing an innate curiosity. Working with parents and children in many diverse roles has allowed me to nurture their thirst for knowledge.

I possess a unique ability to not just impart information, but to inspire children to actively seek understanding. This process mirrors the age-old adage, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Similarly, teaching a child a subject might see them through a single class, yet instilling the art of seeking knowledge empowers them to transcend boundaries.

I’ve spent nearly seven years as a Director at Cherry Creek Schools, a decade at Denver Public Schools, and 8 years with various other children’s programs, forging a distinct professional background. This journey has illuminated the power of play, evident in my interactions with my own son and daughter.

My son earned degrees in Pure Math and a master’s in Bioengineering from the University of Colorado. His Yale residency advanced his career as an orthopedic surgeon. My daughter excelled academically, earning an International Baccalaureate diploma and a BA in Computer Engineering from Cornell. She’s a notable engineer and will be completing a master’s in Electrical Engineering in the fall.

Enrichment play played a pivotal role in my children’s success and other kids under my leadership. It’s a powerful tool for learning, growth, and development.

I believe financial well-being often connects with academic success. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment offers interactive educational resources on a budget. Sharing resources eliminates storage concerns and maximizes use.

The belief in shared abundance drives this concept. Just as my mother’s wisdom taught me that blessings flow both ways when your hand is open, the same principle applies here. It’s time to embrace sharing and collaboration for mutual gain. Rent-A-Theme allows us to share the many benefits of PLAY in a life transforming way.

Rent-A-Theme is located in Denver, CO.

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